When our oldest daughter was small, she was allergic to quite a lot of things - two key ones being cow's milk and soy.  She could however have goat's milk - and thrived on it! - however it was difficult for us to come by at the time.  I had to drive nearly an hour to get milk from a friend of ours who had goats, and I couldn't help but think it would be so much easier to have our own herd.  Turns out it isn't, but it is definitely a lot more fun!  Making friends with homesteaders introduced us to farm fresh pastured eggs (chickens and my favorite, ducks!) and real pastured meat, too.  We are thrilled to finally have our own land to raise our own livestock!

Our aim is to raise healthy, sturdy, heavy milking goats.  Our herd is based on the gorgeous Kismet Nubian herd in Pearisburg, and we will be breeding with an eye to maintaining the beauty and will to milk of our foundation stock.

We also enjoy an assortment of heritage ducks and chickens, both for eggs and meat.  We sell duck eggs direct to consumer and to retailers.

If you have any questions about our animals or our eggs, please feel free to contact us!

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