Swarm Removal

A swarm is a cluster of bees with a queen that have left their hive and are in search of a new home.  They are extremely docile when swarming (they have no hive to defend!) and, while they look kind of scary, are actually a good thing.  It means more pollinators in your area!  They can however be extremely inconvenient, and of course we don't want them deciding to set up camp in our attics!  We as beekeepers would love to help.  We would be happy to come and put the swarm of bees you've found in one of our hive boxes and bring it to our apiary.  Give us a call at 801 494 9461.

Note that we CANNOT cut hives out of ANYTHING.  This requires specialized equipment that we do not have.  If you have a hive of honeybees (NOT WASPS) that you need removed, we can recommend several local beekeepers who offer this service.

We also reserve the right to refuse to remove a swarm if its location makes the process too dangerous for us.  We'd love to give those bees a nice home but like having unbroken arms and legs more!

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