We raise a variety of heritage breeds of ducks and chickens.  Purebreed hatching eggs will be available in the spring - please inquire for pricing.  Ducklings and chicks will be hatching soon.

Salmon Faverolles - a heavy-bodied bird with a single comb, beard, and muff.  Also has feathered shanks and extra toes.  These are wonderfully laid back chickens that lay plenty of medium sized, pinkish brown eggs.  They are feather sexable as soon as their feathers start to come in - the males feather out black, and the females ginger and cream.  Hatching eggs $20 per dozen.

French Black Copper Marans - our birds have lightly feathered shanks as per the APA standard.  Beautiful birds that lay beautiful chocolate brown eggs with darker speckles.  Single combs.  This breed is, in my opinion, the ideal balance between an active bird (like the Wyandottes) and a calm bird (like the Faverolles).  Hatching eggs $20 per dozen.

Khaki Campbells - these birds are the backbone of my laying flock.  They lay early and they lay consistently, producing lovely large eggs through heat and cold.  Extremely active foragers, but rather high strung - they are easier to panic than other ducks, which causes them to scatter!  Hatching eggs $24 per dozen.

Welsh Harlequins - my very favorite ducks!  Lay very nearly as well as the Campbells (which is unsurprising, as the breed was developed from off-color Khaki Campbell ducklings), but are slightly larger and MUCH calmer.  Very effective foragers.  These are our favorite "tractor" ducks - their calmer temperaments mean they handle twice daily moving better than more high strung breeds, and when intensively grazed they do a good job of keeping the vegetation down without digging too many holes.  Hatching eggs $24 per dozen.

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