Ages Ago Acres Murphy's Law

DOB 3/2/16 - G6S normal by parentage

There is nothing about this buck that doesn't make me really, really excited for next year's kids.  Wide, level, solid feet and legs, gorgeous ears, from a long line of fantastic milkers, and have you seen those spots!  Unfortunately Murphy has already lived up to his name more than I care for, coming down with septic bacterial meningitis the first week I had him home.  He is beating the odds every day though and, while slow moving for a kid his age, is very nearly neurologically normal again.  Hopefully his life will be a lot easier from here on out!

We are giving Murphy an extra year to grow, as meningitis is a fairly serious matter and his recovery is not going as well as we had hoped, so he is not available for stud services.

Ages Ago Acres Count Chocula

DOB 3/23/16 - G6S normal by parentage

Chocula is our "sorry you got the veterinary equivalent of being struck by lightening" buckling.  All the perks of a Murphy with none of the meningitis!  I am extraordinarily pleased with how this little guy is growing - he is a big strapping fellow with lots of width and body capacity.  Given how his dam and grand dam milk, I am very excited to see what his daughters do!

Chocula is available to breed select does for a stud fee of $75.

Shady Pines FDR Roosevelt

I am a sucker for these Kismet bred goats.  Roosevelt is my "plan B" in case Murphy never figures out what to do with does.  Comes from a line of great milkers with great udders on both sides (his dam is stunning!), and is generally a more refined goat than Chocula, he will be a great balance for our herd!

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