Kismet Smooth Sundae 5*M - G6S normal by test

Sundae as a FF two year old.  Photos courtesy of Kismet Nubians.
Ah, sweet Sundae... I couldn't ask for better in a foundation doe.  Pretty, stylish, friendly, and milks a gallon and a half a day like clockwork.  This girl has never had fewer than triplets, Sundae kids and you have a herd!  I cut her grain leading up to breeding, so she only had triplets.  She decided motherhood is not for her this year so I'm raising her kids on the bottle.

4Farthings Sundae's Sprinkles - G6S normal by test

Sundae's little girl is cute as a button, look how long and wide she is!  Nice and mellow too, she will let me touch her anywhere (although she still doesn't like pedicures).  Had a buck and a doe spring 2016, her udder is lovely, high and tight with nice extension in the fore.  Looking forward to seeing her develop.

4Farthings Kadbury Chocolate

Sundae's 2016 doe, the only thing that would make me more happy about this kid is if there were two of her!  Too many brothers!

4Farthings Kadbury Mochi

Sprinkles' 2016 girl.  This kid was TEENY TINY at birth - her brother was nearly twice her size! - but has somehow convinced every doe in the herd to feed her, so she is growing like crazy.  My theory is that they cannot see her under the mob of white babies (for the Saanens) or she is just too dang persistent (and Sundae is lazy).  One of these days I'm going to manage a better picture of her, she is too cute but always scampering!

Knightfire's Red Cedar

Please excuse the photography, Cedar thinks that my camera needs kisses.  I'm really excited about the pedigree behind this doe - all Price O The Field on one side and half Goldwaite on the other, she has some really nice animals behind her.  She has a beautiful udder and is a real pleasure to milk.  Because she was moved mid-lactation I have not seen how she produces yet, but am happy enough with her otherwise that I'm planning on keeping a daughter from her in the spring.

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