Monday, May 4, 2015

Patience, and how I don't have it

Anybody who knows me in person knows that I basically knit or crochet constantly.  This leads to a great deal of commentary on how incredibly patient I must be, particularly when I am wearing hand made socks, sweater, and shawl, and just spent two hours and now have less than half a sock for it.
The truth is that I am the opposite of patient.  I work with yarn because it can come with me everywhere, and it is something to do that shows visible progress (if only to me) that I can work on while I do basically anything else.  I in fact get fidgety while watching movies if I do not have something to work on, which is a key reason I so rarely watch films in the theater.

So to get back to the point... Muscovy ducks take five weeks to hatch.  That's a full week longer than mallard derived ducks or turkeys.  Two weeks longer than chickens.  So the five Muscovy hens in the run in that I can't even see how many eggs they have because they will bite me and try to beat me to death with their wings if I try are driving me crazy.  They are doing an extremely good job - they've pulled their nests up nice and tight around them and are viciously beeping at anything that comes too close to their precious babies.  But chances of me getting to candle an egg and make sure things are going ok in there are basically nil.

So repeat with me: ducks know how to be ducks better than I do.  Over and over again until it sticks.  Also: the white faced hen is more protective than the others and WILL chase you.

Voted most likely to bite my face off.

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